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10 Items to Pack For an Outdoor Family Session with Kids

Feeling frazzled on what to bring with you on your outdoor family session? Let me give you a quick list to get you started!

10. Sports Towel- Hot, humid nights may call for improvisation to dry up that sweat! These towels are so conveniently portable with a storage container and come in all different sizes based on your needs! Click here to see what I use:

9. Snacks & Water- Water is a must no matter when your session takes place! Pack snacks that do not make a mess or change the color of your children's mouths. Easy ideas include fruit snacks, goldfish, or cheerios.

8. Oil Blotting Sheets- For all those mommas out there chasing your kiddos... have these on hand to help dry up some of that oil before or even during your session!

7. Favorite Toy or Lovey- Sometimes the comfort of a lovey or favorite toy helps to squeeze out some of those smiles of kids who may be shy or timid. I usually suggest to try and bring a toy/lovey that might photograph well just incase, however I normally use them as a distraction behind the camera!

6. Hair/Makeup retouching supplies- Pack a portable mirror, brush, lipstick and any other supplies you may need to retouch right before your shoot!

5. Portable Fan- Having a quick way to cool down a cranky toddler is a must and these fans are so easy to attach to a stroller or throw in your diaper bag!

4. Change of Clothes- Kids can get messy and we never know when a surprise stain will occur. Pack an extra set of clothes (underwear included) in case of an accident!

3. Wipes/Tissues- This is a MUST for a diaper bag for so many reasons! Always carry wipes and tissues to help clean up quick messes!

2. Extra Shoes- Sometimes there is walking involved to the photo location. Bring an extra pair of flip-flops/crocs/etc. for those that have fancier shoes! Don't want to change shoes? Check out these disposable waterproof shoe covers:

1. Reward- Have a reward in mind for your littles to help motivate those smiles and happy faces during their session! This could be something more tangible like a sucker or small toy for the little ones or something more experience related such as a trip to the park after or ice cream for the older kiddos!

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