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Studio Cake Smashes

All cake smashes are done at HMP studio in Holly Springs. 
A typical cake smash session will yield 20-50 images in your PROOF gallery.

Cake Smash sessions are divided into 2-3 sections: 
1st-15 minutes of regular One Year Portraits
2nd- 20 minutes of cake smashing.
3rd (optional)-5 minutes Cake Splash (baby in bathtub next to smashed cake) This is a new add-on!
The remaining time is built in for outfit changes, clean up and background changes.



  • I have a client wardrobe of simple and neutral girl and boy outfits for babies ages 6 months-18 months for client use! They are washed and sanitized between each use. Many of them are in the pictures below.

  • All of the props you see in these images are available for use!

  • All of the backdrops below are available for one year portraits. I will add images as I add backdrops to my stash.

Cake smash portraits

The options below are just examples. I have used some of these designs more than once, and have also customized the colors/themes with my clients. As long as the decor is within reason, I'm more than happy to work with you on your theme!​

  • Banners, floor balloons (non-helium), tissue puffs, and white or wood cake stands , white stacking boxes, and different colored backdrops, are available for use. However, some of the props you will see in these images the clients provided. Once you decide on your theme, we can work out the details of the decor to your style and wishes.

  • Client always provides:

    • Cake (due to allergy liability) See below for more tips!

    • Helium balloons 

    • Cake smash outfit- I do not provide this outfit due to staining from frosting.

    • Any other specific decor they would like to include

Cake Splash!

Cake Splashes are optional upgrades and the "grand finale" of your cake smash session. A plastic tub filled with optional suds next to your baby's smashed cake will make this session complete! An additional 10 minutes will be added on to your session. You could decide as late as the day of your session if you'd like to add this to your session!

$25+tax add on



Cake smash | tips

PARENTS: Wear clothes you are okay getting messy. (short sleeves, no jewelry, etc.) You may be picking up your little one covered in cake and frosting to move back towards the cake when he/she tries to escape! You might want to pack an extra shirt for you just in case. 


CAKE: Buttercream/whipped frosting works better than fondant. I suggest leaving it out of the fridge a few hours before the smash so the frosting is soft and easy to smash into. I also suggest lighter color frosting over the bright colors if possible. Try to avoid BLACK or RED frosting. It doesn’t look appeasing in photos when its on their lips. 

-Have your child taste the cake and frosting beforehand that is similar to the cake you will be getting to make sure there are no allergic reactions.



  • Cheerios or puffs to put on the cake in case your kiddo is not interested in it. Sometimes we will put it behind the cake to make the child appear to be eating it. 

  • Water in a sippy cup/bottle

  • Favorite rattle/toy/music to get his/her attention

  • Favorite music on your phone



  • I’ll supply plastic bags for their cake smashed clothes

  • Towels and wipes to clean up. Feel free to bring your own if your child has sensitivities. 

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