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Family Session

 tips & tricks

Feel free to use some of these tips and tricks for a successful smooth sailing session!

Tips A WEEK  before your session:

-Wardrobe- Use Pinterest for inspiration and choose a color scheme- (4 colors max)
Limit patterns: Patterns look great on mom and/or the youngest of the family.
Bring complimenting accessories if you'd like (e.g. hat, scarf, belts over dresses, vests, etc.)

-Bribes are okay! Don't feel bad! Think about what you want to do during the week so you are not stressing the day of your session.  If choosing a reward, Little ones will need immediate physical gratification. I always suggest a physical reward (lolly, sticker, toy, bubbles) for younger ages (2-4). Rewards for older children can include tangible (toy, treat at the dollar store, etc.) or intangible rewards (trip to get ice cream, donuts, pool, time on the iPad, etc.)


Tips the DAY OF your session:

-Pack a "Just Incase" bag. (Baby wipes, tissues, water, small NEAT snack (cheerios, goldfish, etc. that won't stick to teeth), towel if its hot, a favorite "photogenic" toy if a child may need comforting)
-Limit the activities planned on the day of your session so that everyone is well rested and ready to go!  Make nap time a priority if needed :)
-PLEASE check your child's nails to make sure they are clean as well as checking to clean off stick on tattoos, marker, etc.

Tips MINUTES before your session:

-Empty out your pockets beforehand! (cell phones, wallets, etc.)
-Take hair ties of your wrist!
-Adjust your necklaces/earrings, etc.
-Check little ones for crumbs, food residue etc

Tips DURING your session:

-Have fun and relax. I may make fart noises, and say some silly things to get not just the kids, but the adults laughing too.
-It's okay if your kid doesn't "cheese" for every photo. I can't tell you how many times clients have felt that they didn't get any usable photos because their child(ren) were not being cooperative and ended up purchasing the whole gallery because of how many turned out so well! I will NEVER leave you hanging without a beautiful family gallery. I absolutely love kids and note their cues when they need some transitioning time, change of scenery, a funny joke, etc.

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