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creative sessions


Let your kiddo turn into their favorite emoji icons through their own personalized emoji session!

These are great to celebrate birthdays, the new year or even to celebrate your kiddos just being their own unique selves!

Extra bonus: The collages can make great gifts for mother's and father's day!


What to expect:

  • Emoji Props (sunglasses, clear glasses, hearts, and stars) are available and will be sanitized between uses.

  • It is recommended the client wear a solid black OR white shirt.

  • Sessions are 20 minutes in length and booked 10 minutes apart for proper cleaning.

  • These sessions are recommended for children ages 5+ due to the nature of this session and needing to provide emoji expressions on demand. 



Two options available:

(You must choose the option below ahead of time.)

Option 1: -9 emoji poses- 1 pose per color backdrop (includes both color and black and white copies) as well as 2 collages- (1 color & 1 b&w)


(add an immediate sibling- $75+tax)

Option 2: -18 emoji poses (includes both color and black and white copies included) as well as 4 collages of 18 pictures- (1 color & 1 b&w)


(add an immediate sibling- $100+tax)

Limited dates will be held in January and February only. 

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